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Subject:For the next contest
Summary:Just my thoughts on changes for the next contest (whenever that
Date:2009-12-12 19:25:56
Update:2009-12-12 23:55:49

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Picture of alecgorge alecgorge - 2009-12-12 19:36:58
For future contests, I think all authors would agree that making these fairly small changes would be very helpful:

* Allow images of any size, just not bigger than 400 kb
* Allow icons to be PNG, GIF or JPG and allow alternative sizes (most icons sets these days are PNG in 22x22)
* Keep the CSS editor from tearing apart my CSS. It splits the - and 1px in letter-spacing: -1px; with a space every time I reload the CSS file in the editor. It also removes the last semi-colon, which is annoying. Also, not allowing -webkit-border-radius and -o-border-radius is stupid because you allow -moz-border-radius.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2009-12-12 23:55:49 - In reply to message 1 from alecgorge
Icon images can only be of one format because the code that generates their tags does not know the their format in advance. Querying the database just to generate the HTML IMG tag for the icon images, would be too slow.

Given that less than 5% of the users use Internet Explorer 6 (which does not support PNG transparency), it is possible that in the future icons will be required to be in PNG format. JPEG does not support transparency.

The bug of splitting the site from negative properties was fixed.

As for -webkit-border-radius, it was always allowed. It is even used in the current site style sheet.