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Few Invalid Points

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Subject:Few Invalid Points
Summary:Firebug and Webdeveloper are avail and middle mouse works
Author:Jamie Holly
Date:2010-05-06 12:56:49
Update:2010-05-06 15:13:48

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Jamie Holly - 2010-05-06 15:13:48
A few corrections are needed. First Firebug is available for Chrome. It's just not as complete as the Firefox version. The Webdeveloper plugin is also available. It doesn't have all the tools of Firefox. The biggest missing feature that I really can't live without is the ability to disable javascript on the fly.

As far as the middle mouse button, not sure why it doesn't work for you, but it opens links in new tabs for me on Chrome (just like Firefox).

If Chrome would add in the ability to disable javascript on the fly, then I would make the switch. I can live with all the other shortcomings, but the disable javascript feature is just one I like and use way too much. I am tired of Firefox and the memory leaks inside of it. I can sit there and debug in Firefox for a couple of hours and suddenly my RAM usage for it starts building to about 3/4 GB. That's something Firefox really needs to fix if they want to slow the loss of users to Chrome.