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Subject:More issues
Summary:More issues with chrome why it's not useful for me
Author:Ivo Fokkema
Date:2010-05-06 13:19:21
Update:2010-05-06 15:13:57

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Ivo Fokkema - 2010-05-06 15:13:57
True, Chrome is a lot faster than Firefox. But today I really just gave up on it. Other issues I have encountered:

- View source makes it request the page AGAIN, but this time without sending $_POST data, so that the source I was viewing had nothing to do with the page I saw in the browser itself. Very frustrating.

- Inspect element also doesn't show the source, it just shows you the representation of the source, after JavaScript has changed attributes and such. I NEED to see the source how it's sent to the browser, just that.

- I'm having trouble debugging JavaScript problems, but that may just be me.

- It's crashing on me sometimes when I have a certain website open and I try to open a new tab. But this can be expected using Beta software.

- Flash is not working properly (on Linux). After a while it just doesn't execute anymore and the tab freezes. Usually restarting the browser fixes things (closing and opening a new tab does not solve the problem).

- The short URL in the status bubble also pissed me off, but they say they have it fixed now :)

But fair is fair, it's a very fast browser which needs less memory than Firefox, starts up much faster also, and I love the way it handles tabs (moving to new windows, for instance). So as time goes by, I will keep trying now and then to see if issues I run into get fixed.