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Bad Behavior for This Login

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Subject:Bad Behavior for This Login
Summary:New login procedure forces me to make my browser insecure.
Author:Cynthia R. Douglas
Date:2010-08-17 12:51:25
Update:2010-08-17 22:16:20

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Cynthia R. Douglas - 2010-08-17 21:11:00
Being paranoid about cookies, I normally only allow the direct site I am at to set them. I don't want third party cookies enabled on my computer.

However, the only way to log in to PHP Classes now is to allow third party cookies.

I seriously object to this.

I will have to reset my browser settings every time I want to log into this site and then unset them when I leave.

This is a royal pain.


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Manuel Lemos - 2010-08-17 22:16:20 - In reply to message 1 from Cynthia R. Douglas
There is nothing to be paranoid about it. You only need to allow cookies from , which is the single sign-on site. Icontem is the company that owns the PHPClasses site.

In reality is not a third party site, but browsers consider it third party because it opens in an iframe in the middle of a page of PHPClasses.

In a few days another site will be launched. You will be able to use the same account you use to access PHPClasses to access the new site. I am sure you would consider it even more annoying if you had to create a new account to access the new site.

Other than that, the new login page is available only by secure HTTP (HTTPS/SSL), unlike in the past. That protects you from somebody snooping your connections and steal you password to take over your account.

In sum, there is nothing to worry.