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Subject:Named anchors
Summary:Make it easier to link to a section of the page
Author:Dave Kennard
Date:2010-12-02 13:29:42
Update:2010-12-03 00:58:22

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Picture of Dave Kennard Dave Kennard - 2010-12-02 21:07:17
It would be nice if you could add named anchors to each of the section titles.

E.g. in my blog I want to link to the section
PHP 5.3.4 in December and PHP 5.4 hold off (21:02)

Because you don't implement named anchors I have to link to the article and tell my readers to scroll down the page to get to that section.

If you used named anchors on the titles I could link directly to that section, e.g. ...

Not a complaint, but rather a suggestion for an improvement you could make.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-12-03 00:58:22 - In reply to message 1 from Dave Kennard
Yes, that can be done. It is a bit tedious to do it because the current HTML editor does not support them yet, but in the worst case I can added them in the HTML manually.