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FF and Chrome

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Subject:FF and Chrome
Summary:The difference between Firefox and Chrome
Author:Antal András Attila
Date:2011-05-19 22:58:26
Update:2011-05-20 01:32:24

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Antal András Attila - 2011-05-19 23:10:05
First of, apologize for my language, i hope it will be understandable.

I do not have lots of experience about those usefull addons what FireFox offering to its users. I'm also new in development, and have not heard about lots of things yet.
I've been using Firefox for years untill nowadays, for me it seems that the latest version FF 4 uses a lot of process of my pc. When i have my pc open for days/weeks ff slows down and using more and more process, as long as i use chrome seems my pc feel much better. I also experienced if i open more and more tabs, slowing down as much it can be felt, in Chrome can not feel it as much.(And i didn't mention that i have a slow pc). I love firefox and hopefully it's not going to be weird...

Enought of it, lets say some things that i experienced and is not mentioned on the article.

1. As a new user of Chrome, my opinion is that the password storing manadgement is better in firefox, especially the form filling side. I have setup a password in a form and saved it, then i open again the page, Chorome colouring out the fields to yellow/cream. My site's field are basicly coloured to a dark color, and the text is white. In the outcoloured fields i can not see the text, i have to check out by selecting.

2. And what about Search engine? I always used Google as my search engine, even if i'm in a NON-English country, Google automatically set the search engine to my country's language. That nice, but i always used to set the language to English in order to find more results for my questions. So if i have set the language to English in firefox, i can use the search bar, or address bar for searching, and it automatically search in that language i set up. Chrome keep it searching on my country's language even if i already set it up.

With best regards,

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Manuel Lemos - 2011-05-20 01:32:24 - In reply to message 1 from Antal András Attila
Right, but the article focused on deficient aspects of Chrome that affect your work as Web developer.