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Speed not deciding factor

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Subject:Speed not deciding factor
Summary:Maintainability, correctness and security comes before speed.
Author:Herbert Peters
Date:2011-05-19 23:29:00
Update:2011-05-19 23:52:59

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Herbert Peters - 2011-05-19 23:52:59
Agree on most your points.

Besides switching to another browser because it's a bit faster, puts a qustion mark into my mind. Developers just switching for a faster browser probably reflect their own practices in developing code. Priority for them seems to be producing faster code. For successful projects however maintainability and the code doing what it is supposed to, securely as well, is more important than speed.

Never mind that Chrome installed itself without me ever giving consent to it or warning me about it. (It happened to me when installing Google Earth)

For those reasons it really astonishes me that so many developer prefer Chrome as their browser of choice.

Never mind all the great tools available for Firefox, which are still lacking for Chrome