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you gotta be kidding

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Subject:you gotta be kidding
Summary:use all browsers during development
Date:2011-05-20 11:38:38
Update:2011-05-20 15:20:47

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Illya09 - 2011-05-20 15:20:47
I have had many problems with my sites not working as they should

with javascript, css and HTML

Read one thing that works in one browser and it doesn't work in another.

I could list many examples but it's Friday night and I cant be f****d

I even came across things on the mozilla developer site that don't work!


The inspect element is a great tool when you are changing class properties on the fly (dynamically with JavaScript) no other browser has that feature.

Explorer is great for JavaScript checking no need for third party software as you seem to add onto Firefox

Why doesn't Firefox support outerhtml it would have made my last weekend more pleasant.


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Jason Sheppard - 2011-05-20 15:20:46
I'll have to agree on some of those points.

I'm a web-developer and i mainly use google chrome - on windows 7
Reason for me using chrome, is because of inspect element. (The script debugging side of it)
As i code alot of JavaScript and the script and timeline tabs really help.
And since its quite fast, its easier to quickly reload after i edit php code.

The Web Developer extension is pretty helpful, but i do like the firefox one better. But really, it could be better if it had more time (chrome is still new after all).

As for the flash crash, i've never had that issue, except when resizing a window with a huge flash element as the background or anywhere else. And it would just memory leak until i close the tab. (odd?)

For caching, its about 3 clicks in firefox to clear the cache, and 5 for chrome. I've gotten used to doing it in chrome, but it still bugs me some times.

to sum it up, i agree that firefox is better for web development (but chrome wins in the javascript side of it). Personally, i use firefox for storing my tabs i want to keep open, and for massive bookmark folders. and chrome for web development and daily website visits.