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Mi two cents...

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Subject:Mi two cents...
Summary:Two comments: about transparency and point 1.
Author:Braulio Josť Solano Rojas
Date:2011-05-19 18:21:25
Update:2011-05-19 20:13:33

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Braulio Josť Solano Rojas - 2011-05-19 20:13:33

I have just two comments (one cent each):

First: I think Chromium is not a community project. The best way of not having community or losing it is not having transparency (for instance, on how decisions are taken). Anyway if one likes Chromium one should go with

Two: About point 1, HTML viewing, what really happens when one selects a part of a web page and chooses to view HTML is that one sees the interpreted HTML not the generated HTML. If one's page generated a <br /> one will see a <br> in the Firefox window that displays HTML. The only way to see actual generated HTML is seeing all the code.

Best regards,
Braulio Solano Rojas