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Subject:Success Story
Summary:MySQL is a case in point
Author:Werner Popken
Date:2011-11-30 12:02:09
Update:2011-12-01 05:49:37

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Werner Popken - 2011-11-30 19:31:30
From Wikipedia, MySQL AB:

Around 70% of the employees worked for MySQL from their home offices.


The problem was not that people worked less; rather the other way around, they had a hard time to keep office hours, working too much, not finding a clear break.

This is a real problem for many people who enjoy having to commute because that gives them the natural setting to really leave work behind and start a private life.

Don't understimate this problem. If you can cope with it, it's ok. For employers, they should be aware of this problem. It can be a tough one.

As an aside: The other 30% did not work from offices either; they worked with customers at their place. There was no real office except in a few places.

Interestingly, people near those places sometimes chose to work there because of the social contacts. This is another point employers should consider. Home workers are lonely. Not everyone is happy with that.

So for politicians: It is not a cure for all, I'm afraid.

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Manuel Lemos - 2011-12-01 05:49:37 - In reply to message 1 from Werner Popken
Good point. Talented developers tend to work more because they are motivated and they would like to finish their work before they allow themselves to stop.

I know this very well because it happens to me all the time. Frequently I go to sleep very late because I do not like to leave unfinished work to the following day. But in the end I still sleep 8 hours a day.