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Subject:I Like People
Summary:Working from home has some big negatives too...
Author:troy knapp
Date:2011-11-30 13:38:51
Update:2011-12-22 18:27:07

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Picture of troy knapp troy knapp - 2011-11-30 19:32:25
I worked remotely from home for several years, flying occasionally to the home office for meetings and such. At first, I absolutely loved it. Seriously, who wouldn't enjoy working in their boxers? As time drew on, it began to grind me down ever so slowly.

I found that I could always do "just one more thing," and the boundaries between working at home and being at home began to become blurred. My 2 year old son didn't quite understand why I couldn't play with him when I was "at work." Almost as important, I found that while my dog was ever eager to provide me company, she wasn't much of a conversationalist and I just got to the point where I missed being around people.

I have found a job with a relaxed dress code, the option to work from home when I need/want to, and colleagues that I enjoy talking to (most of the time). Working from home isn't for everybody, but I think I've found a good compromise.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2011-12-01 09:27:54 - In reply to message 1 from troy knapp
Sure, some people want to work remotely because they value its benefits and they do not feel there are inconviniences in not being in the physical presence of other people of the company.

Actually some people prefer to meet in person only friends unrelated with their work. Each person has different needs.

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Picture of Kaurov Eugene Kaurov Eugene - 2011-12-22 18:27:07 - In reply to message 1 from troy knapp
It's really cool idea to work remotely and it's really possible.

BUT it's huge PROBLEM to work remotely FROM HOME:
-borders between home and work are really blurred, so wife ask me to go to buy butter or to host guests in worktime and I was still working till night when all another people already has rest.
-I become more and more lazy and it was difficult even to start working -- I was doing something and nothing so it took sometimes hours to become productive
-remote job forces to work more hard and sometime too hard. Office work allow people to communicate on life and technology themes, to read news and to celebrate something. But remote job has strong timelogging so you cannot charge employer when you'r reading news or discuss conference with friends. Sometime you should even learn new technology for free. So you do it rarely and become more and more WILD.

So, my solution is:
as for me:
1. to create outstaffing company
so foreign company can employ cheap remote developer and communicate to him directly as to their own employee
but developer is indeed working in local office in Ukraine where alive manager keeps his discipline and force to work productively.

2. as for freelancer developer:
rent a flat to be used as office near your living flat so you can go there daily as at work. It is not too expensive but allow your family to see when you'r at work. Ant it allow you to get at least one breath in morning to be healthy and to get productive.
At least you'll know time when work starts and stops.

!!! I recommend newer to get a job with time differences more then 4 hours.
It's really difficult to hear your boss in 01:50 AM after long workday "hi, it's 5 pm here, I got free of my daily routine, let's discuss our project's state".
I had already tried walking around in 24:00 to get rest, and noising with keyboard near slipping family, and also urgent overworks ~03:00-05:00 AM after workday.
That's quite a mess.