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Subject:Good effort
Summary:But no Cigar
Author:Junkie Narkosvin
Date:2013-04-29 22:32:43
Update:2013-04-30 02:28:29

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Picture of Junkie Narkosvin Junkie Narkosvin - 2013-04-30 01:00:45
"Personally I use CVS for my own projects. I started using CVS in 1997 and I got used so much to it that I need to have a good motivation to switch." - we all used CVS in the 90s, but you really should move on to Git. I still use SVN for the same reasons you use CVS, but only for my private/sandbox projects - for open source projects (or any kind of collaboration) you really need to be using Git to have a productive experience.

Also, Mercurial is actually fairly popular - a lot more popular than CVS or SVN at this point.

I'm sorry, but the fact that you listed several modern, team-oriented, mainstream VCS under "other", while putting Git below antiquated systems like CVS and SVN shows that you really need to update your thinking and get some real experience with modern VCS, before writing another lengthy article about it.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2013-04-30 02:28:29 - In reply to message 1 from Junkie Narkosvin
Maybe it is not clear, but if you read the article again in full, rather than a single phrase taken out of context, you may realize that I am saying exactly what you said. After what you quoted I said:

"Anyway most of my projects are developed only by myself. For more collaborative projects, Git would be more convenient, as multiple developers can work independently and commit changes any time without having a connection to a central repository."

I also mentioned Mercurial. I just did not give it much emphasis because it is very hard to find any PHP developers that use it.

Before adding support to the PHP Classes site to import packages from version control systems, I made a poll to PHP Classes authors. Only 1 author expressed interest in having support to Mercurial. The others are more used by PHP developers

If more developers request support to Mercurial, maybe I can justify the time that is needed to implement Mercurial import support in PHP Classes.

It may be different in other communities. PHP developers often look up to what the PHP core is using as example. Nowadays they use Git, so people feel more encouraged to use Git than Mercurial.

As for my experienced, I used all the systems that I mentioned. As a matter of fact I studied deeply the protocols used by CVS, SubVersion and Git because I implemented clients written in pure PHP to make PHP Classes be able to import packages from those repositories.