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Summary:Cool backend search
Author:Austin White
Date:2007-01-05 21:29:21
Update:2007-01-06 03:16:47

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Austin White - 2007-01-05 21:39:19
I like how the search works and the new features, but I have to say the way this site looks, it's still web 1.0. There's nothing attractive about this site at all. I love it for its content but honestly it looks monotone and very ugly in my opinion. I would suggest a visual overhaul before a search overhaul. The site is very functional but please update its appearance! Even the new search is ugly :(

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Manuel Lemos - 2007-01-06 03:16:47 - In reply to message 1 from Austin White
Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately this is not a simple issue as you may imagine. I have already explained the problems in the past in this other post. ...

There I present a solution that will attempt to solve the problems minimizing the conflicts, in the section of site redesign proposals.

The reason why it has not been implemented so far is because there have always been too many priority things to implement. But it will be implemented soon or later, so please be patient.


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