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Subject:webhosting analyses
Summary:MISK.COM doesn't support PHP
Author:Kent Smith
Date:2007-06-19 19:03:36
Update:2007-06-19 21:01:13

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Kent Smith - 2007-06-19 20:02:48
High on your new list of web hosts is MISK.COM. When I wrote asking which version of PHP they provided, they responded that they didn't have the capability for supplying any dynamic services. However, they said (apparently without irony), I could use their services as a kind of transport mechanism to someone who actually had PHP modules loaded.

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Manuel Lemos - 2007-06-19 21:01:13 - In reply to message 1 from Kent Smith
Hummm... this hosting metrics service does not evaluate PHP support.

I will pass that concern to the RealMetrics people so they can see if they can include some sort of PHP support level in their tests.

Thanks for the feedback.