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Summary:About the sales of Elephpant.
Author:Jorge Castro
Date:2018-12-29 14:14:18
Update:2018-12-29 17:59:38

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Picture of Jorge Castro Jorge Castro - 2018-12-29 17:38:39
About the Elephpant, it is hard to buy something that we (as customers) don't know the end price. And the price is only a factor, international shipping is also important.

With all respect, but I think PHPClasses is giving so many turn-arounds to sell it, while I have seen small pages that they are already selling t-shirts, keyrings and such.

IMHO, we devs buy that kind of products, especially in a convention. Price is not a big factor, unless it is an abusive price.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2018-12-29 17:59:38 - In reply to message 1 from Jorge Castro
Hello Jorge,

Yes, the elePHPant will be available for purchase in early January. The expected price is USD $30 plus shipping for the small elePHPant in the new 2019 blue edition.

For customers living in Brazil the price will be lower because shipping costs less, as we are based in Brazil.

We had to adapt our e-commerce system to be able to include shipping in the price according to the destination.

This part looked simple than we imagined it because the local post office does not seem to provide an API to get quotes on shipping to international destinations.

We had to develop an alternative solution. That part is almost ready, so it us a matter of a few days until you can buy it.

We already shipped one unit before Christmas that we got from the factory to a customer that is evaluating making a larger purchase.

We can sell t-shirts and keyrings like others do but I am afraid it may not be profitable.

We can still evaluate it after we start selling elePHPants but it is not a simple matter because it requires a lot of enquiries to companies that produce those goods and calculate shipping costs in different quantities to assure the profit margin is enough.

As you may imagine this is complicated. That is why it is hard to find the elePHPants anywhere. Not even in the official Amazon store managed by Vincent Pointier you can find the elePHPant for sale. The main reason is that it does not pay to just sell one unit.

The factory that produces it for us only produces 100 as minimum order.

We may also ship elePHPants and other products to people that manage conventions as long as they order in a quantity that justify covering all the other costs.

If you know people that manage PHP conferences and would be willing to buy at least 100 elePHPants, that would be a good minimum order that we can justify shipping to them. We can produce and ship to most countries in 2 months or less. It depends on the destination. Shipping a good quantity like that would also dillute the overall order cost.

Do you know any conference organizers that are interested that to order elePHPants from us?

If so, please show them this message and ask them to email us at , so we can handle their order as soon as possible in time for the organization of their event.