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Summary:a different approach to ORM
Date:2009-05-23 11:36:57
Update:2009-05-23 18:25:00

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Picture of Gabor Gabor - 2009-05-23 18:25:00
Hi! I was a bit unhappy with the available ORM layers so I experimented a bit with my own ORM layer. I have written a small ORM layer called RedBean. It's still a very early release (0.3) but it's quite fun. It allows you to use any entity and any relation you want just by using objects and you dont have to write a single line of SQL code or config-code. You dont even have to write the models. As soon as you start using the database or the model in some way it automatically sets up a proper database, it builds the required tables and inserts the values. It does everything... yeah... -everything- on the fly. It even has a garbage collector to wipe tables that are empty and no longer in use, or columns that remain empty. It even monitors its own performance by assigning red-scores to tables and columns which might result in the placement or removal of indexes! I have used it for some small projects and it really rocks! maybe you can try redbean and help me to make it even better or find bugs! please check it out.. and help me with this!