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Summary:Is there quality in outsourced PHP code?
Author:Roy Francis Dvorak
Date:2009-07-30 03:52:40
Update:2009-09-08 07:32:32
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David Horton - 2009-07-30 18:33:58 - In reply to message 4 from Ignatius Teo
An excellent point. The good programmers are busy. The ones asking you for work are the ones that won't be able to deliver.

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ASHUTOSH CHAUDHARY - 2009-09-08 07:32:32 - In reply to message 1 from Roy Francis Dvorak

First of all me from india.

It would be a good answer and i hope u all will understand the real problem here.

I am from mechanical, never did a single computer language in past entered this field after recession and learnt php and a bit of other programming languages.

And i dont think that any one of you even knows what the problem is here.
The outsourced work is given to top indian companies like infosys, T.C.S, Wipro etc etc. Now what they do is that they further out source it to smaller companies and sometimes they also out source to other companies in India.

So now the chap working at end will have to do work for all and he earns as low as between Rs 10000 P.M (200 bucks or 200 dollars p.m). And those sitting on top get much higher salaries for nothing. And the engineers of infosys or tcs etc etc derive salary without doing any hardwork. All they do is go for meeting,check the company documents,have someflirting with girls and thats all. None of them are goddam professionals but u see they get a handsome salary by doing this every 1st of month.

And that chap remains there earning a meagre amount, no trainings for that chap and likes of him. So one day the chap decides he is becoming the fool he asks for pay hike, there is a fight and he is kicked out or he leaves the job.
And there is a very short time in that working and the company finds a new chap to work on the project after some time he is kicked.
And in this while chap is to spend an year at one place and who is not so good at one language due to low practical type of learning at colleges here. Every year what these companies do is fire the working chap or he himselves leaves the job by one year and they get a new passout.

And you know what a new bie will do against the likes of experienced professionals like you.

As far as talent in India is concerned there is no such thing like that. And i can prove that because i iam basically from mechanical but even made my site cum small search engine thats
Although iam searching for a job too here to meet some of my expenses.
All the coding is by me, all i learnt was using latest ebooks and tuts.
And when u look at speed they you will feel its a goodwork any way although iam not an experienced professional like you. And also i have not copied and pasted the code n site. Every thing is by hand even the images.

Also if any one has some work i will glad to do that.

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