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Indian coders

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Subject:Indian coders
Summary:Indian coders
Date:2009-07-30 03:38:53
Update:2010-07-31 00:30:50
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Batric - 2010-07-31 00:30:50 - In reply to message 1 from vasya1
I agree 101% with Vasya.

Indian "coders" (if we can call them so) ruined the market completely.

Recently I get more and more clients which run away from Indians. Half of them were cheated, the other half was disappointed with the quality of work.

Their attitude is the biggest problem.

No culture, no manners and no ethics both in personal appearance (communication) and in work.

No working habits and no will to improve themselves. They will improve only 1%, if they can get bit more money for that.

Fortunately, seems that people are starting to understand that and will go away from those providers.

Until now, I worked with about 25-30 different Indian providers, both freelancers and companies, from UK, US and India.

There was only one of them, whom I may call a good worker. The rest were not worth commenting.

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