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Summary:Get some one experience one !
Author:Gaurav Mishra
Date:2009-07-30 05:13:08
Update:2009-07-30 18:34:32

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Picture of Gaurav Mishra Gaurav Mishra - 2009-07-30 05:13:51
No offence to sandeep !, But i think for the interview you must have bought someone else who poses more credibility !, Sandeep may have good future ahead , But he lacks a little credibility as the experience goes !

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Picture of Sandeep Kadam Sandeep Kadam - 2009-07-30 05:50:52 - In reply to message 1 from Gaurav Mishra
Hi.. I'm not clear what you want to say.. I think there is some mis-understanding. Please let me know so that I can clear your doubts.

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Picture of David Horton David Horton - 2009-07-30 18:34:32 - In reply to message 2 from Sandeep Kadam
I think he means that you aren't qualified to speak on behalf of every PHP developer...But no one really is, so the comment is a moot point. Experience is paramount, but being young and having a bright future doesn't mean you don't have experience. Only people who feel old and washed up would say something like that to bolster themselves.