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Subject:About the class
Summary:The class is poorly written
Author:Gilberto Albino
Date:2012-09-13 01:44:47
Update:2012-09-13 09:01:48

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Picture of Gilberto Albino Gilberto Albino - 2012-09-13 04:48:26
Well, the class may be useful itself for its purpose. But it's old and poorly written. Bad patterns, naming conventions, etc....
What makes me curious is that the owner of this popular website doesn't have a good pattern for coding his own classes! PHP Classes seems a joke looking into this perspective!

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2012-09-13 05:22:04 - In reply to message 1 from Gilberto Albino
You claimed that the class uses bad "patterns" and naming conventions but you did not justify why.

I suspect that you meant "style" when you said "patterns". It seems you are probably a non-English speaker due to the fact that your English sounds poor. I would not mention that if it was not important to clarify my points, as "bad patterns" is an expression that does not make much sense in your sentence.

In any case I use the same style since 1997 when I started programming with PHP. It is a style that makes code easy to read by anybody. Since I use it consistently, there is no reason for me to change it.

Having a consistent style is important to make code maintainable. That does not mean there is only one style that makes code readable and maintainable.

If you are implying that only the style that you prefer is right for all PHP code, I am sorry I cannot agree with you.

As for the class being old, there seems to be a misunderstanding. The class was started in 1999 as mentioned in the article, but it was updated over the years to address the needs of newer applications that deal with XML. The last update was just a few days ago.

Other than that, I regret the fact that you are using an aggressive tone to express your opinion. There are plenty of ways express disagreement. Disagreeing based on technical matters is fine. What is not fine is being aggressive and disrespectful just to say you do not agree.

Finally your comment relating the style of the author of the class and the site, and telling the whole site is a joke, makes me wonder what is your agenda.

I am aware that certain people do not like the fact that PHP Classes is a democratic place that allows any PHP developer to publish his classes, regardless of the style. However, it is silly to fight democracy and freedom of expression, but there are people that think that is OK.

There is in particular an individual in Brazil that systematically attempts to attack the PHPClasses site and induces others to do so behind the scenes. I noticed that you seem to be from Brazil. I hope you have not be yet another person to be induced by that other individual.

You need to respect to be respected. If you disrespect people, regardless if you are influenced by others or not, you cannot expect to be respected. So, think about this before you decide it is OK to be aggressive and disrespectful against me, the PHPClasses site or whoever.

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Picture of Erik de Bos Erik de Bos - 2012-09-13 09:01:48 - In reply to message 2 from Manuel Lemos
After reading this I just had to log in to show my support for you and PHPClasses.

PHP Classes is a reliable source of tools for my work and I really appreciate the extensive documentation and good support.

Thank you for your hard work!