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Subject:Additional Features?
Summary:Any plans to make this more 'library' oriented?
Author:Sam Spickle
Date:2020-07-18 13:50:35

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Picture of Sam Spickle Sam Spickle - 2020-07-18 13:50:35
This looks like a nice simple class for maintaining ebook data, which is one project I'm looking into.

However, we have a requirement to have more control over the ebooks - where they can be checked out/in and that activity tracked (i.e., more of an official library, not just a central depository).

Do you have (or have plans) to enhance this class with such features? If not, do you have suggestions on where to go forward with such a project?

The tracking, etc. is not difficult (logged in user + ebook + time in a table), though I'm not sure about controlling the ebook to only be accessible for X time - how to timestamp for "late on return" (that may be done in the ebook itself?)

I would like to hear any hints on making this more 'official' that you might have.

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Picture of Pierre FAUQUE Pierre FAUQUE - 2020-07-19 00:52:37 - In reply to message 1 from Sam Spickle
Hello Sam,

As English is not my mother language, I'm not sure that I fully understood your wishes.

It is likely that this class will be improved. But I'm in the sharing, not in the trade. Therefore, even if we can develop this class to obtain a book after payment online (as in merchant sites), I will not do it. It is delivered under GNU Public license, anyone is free to modify it in this way if he wishes and to use it like that. Likewise, I do not plan to make any changes to manage a library of ebooks (borrowing, restitution, claim of books not returned, or reading online, etc.)

The goal I was following was to legally share ebooks to interested people; ebooks can be texts retrieved from Wikisource and produced in the form of ebooks or its own technical documentation or literary books. Clearly: I have, I give to who needs it or to whom it interests. But it's not in my project to develop it for use in a management or trade activity.

On the other hand all the ideas which will go in the direction of the sharing or the management of its own ebooks (modification of the characteristics of books already entered in the database (which is not yet the case) interest me.

Do not hesitate to contribute to the improvement in this direction and thank you for your interest in this class.

Bests regards,


PS: For more information (in the goal of a commercial activity) search in the documentation on the Internet using the keyword "OPDS" (Open Public Distribution System)


For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.