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Summary:Good start, needs more meat on the bones
Author:Rick Ruggiero
Date:2020-07-06 02:18:46

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Picture of Rick Ruggiero Rick Ruggiero - 2020-07-06 02:18:46
Great job with this app.

After I have in stalled the FeedBacker app I found it to be quite good and attractive, however it seems to be about 80% there.

Installation instructions need a few steps to be added (Let me know if you want them)

Errors seem to pop up occasionally and they are unpredictable. For example I setup a new "manager user" and on the first login of the "manager user" I received a number of errors and the page terminated. After logging in as "admin user" once again to check the "manager user", logged out and logged in as the "manager user" again it logged in successfully without errors.

This also happened with the first login as admin.

I suspect that you create variables or db entries once the user logs and these settings are needed for the user to login which means that the error conditions for those variables not existing are not being trapped properly and handled in the code.

Additionally, how do you add a company or customer ? I have not logged in as a user yet and it is probably there.

Well done,


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Picture of Kishor Mali Kishor Mali - 2020-07-06 09:18:05 - In reply to message 1 from Rick Ruggiero
Hi Rick,
Thanks for sharing the experience.

About errors:
I logged the last login of every user in database. It throws the error when created user try to login first time. It will not occur from second login on wards. I will surely remove that bug.

Adding Customer:
It is about importing 100 to 1000 customers at a time using excel sheet.
I provided the excel sheet example with the package. In future, I will give option to create customer from the system only.

Installation instructions need a few steps to be added (Let me know if you want them) :- Thanks for this. I am sure, you will help me in next replies.

Thanks a lot.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.