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Summary:Access local network from Web page hosted in VPS server
Author:Pedro Agriarte
Date:2021-10-25 09:27:24

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Picture of Pedro Agriarte Pedro Agriarte - 2021-10-25 09:27:24
My question is about that with your class Laravel SNMP Get Poller I can obtain snmp data from my local network with a web page hosted on a VPS.

In local PHP Webpage with XAMPP, I can get SNMP data from my network printer. I can see, for example, if it has toner, a paper jam, etc.

The same Web site hosted on a virtual private server does not return data because the standard SNMP library only has a scope on the server-side (Ubuntu 18.04 with snmp and snmpd started). I just can get snmp data from my owner server.

My goal is to make a web page that through snmp obtains data from printers on the local network. Can you give me some help?