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Subject:not paginating
Summary:will not paginate for a certain query
Author:Adam Docherty
Date:2005-03-09 14:10:12

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Picture of Adam Docherty Adam Docherty - 2005-03-09 14:10:13
Hi there this script is cool and working fine for simple queries like:

$query = "Select * from general where author='$author'";

but when I try a more advanced query like this:

$query = "select $webtemplatesccolumn[tid] from $webtemplatesctable where $webtemplatesccolumn[keyword] in ( '$cat1', '$cat2', '$cat3', '$cat4' ) group by $webtemplatesccolumn[tid] having count(*) = $num ORDER by $webtemplatesccolumn[tid] DESC";

it will only show 1 page of results even though there are more items... ie lets say we do the above query and it will select 12 items, but I have the amount of items to be displayed per page set at 9 it will only show 9 items and no new page links - if i increase the amount of items displaying on a page to 12 it will show all twelve, this means the query is working but the class is not :(