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BUG in clear_href

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Subject:BUG in clear_href
Summary:may be bad testing
Date:2006-09-14 21:06:50
Update:2006-09-21 12:22:57

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Vasiliy - 2006-09-14 21:06:50
It seems to me that this class wasn't properly tested before submission. I have found another bug in clear_href function.

If you pass to clear_href a single value - everything will be OK, but if you try to pass there an array it doesn't work.

the bug is here

while (list ($Ref,$val) = each ($href) )

in this case the $Ref contains 0,1,2, ... , other indexes
to my mind it will bt better to use foreach statement

foreach ($href as $value)

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Valics Lehel - 2006-09-21 12:22:57 - In reply to message 1 from Vasiliy

Tx for the bug, we will review and include in next release.