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Subject:Flash (JPG) Img
Summary:preloader doesn't work? - Flash MX 2004 doesn't handle jpg
Date:2005-08-18 18:00:48

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Picture of lorbas lorbas - 2005-08-18 18:00:48
At first let me tell you that this idea to load img's in runtime is a nice step for copyrightprotection.
no rightclickandcopy, no image path and filenme in the source and a small copyright notice in the image - really fine features.

i doesn't lost time with learnig flash programming because the flash - monster are not so interesting for me. but these small solution (only 1,2 kB) is a fine thing for artallery or so.

i saw that you also are pssionating in i18n solutions - so i ask you - how can i load the loading message from outside in to the flashfile in runtime?
Which parameter is steering that - or is tht no possible?

the next question is if exist a contingency to empede a screenshoot by printkey of keyboard?

i spend some hours whith testing jur scipt - first i thought that is buggy.
but the little typo (missed finshing ?> in the class file) was not the problem.
it would be nice if you will write in your docu that the flash script is not abel to display progressive jpg's by this way and its only working whith jpg not other images.

hot greetix from poland


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