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problem in sending mail

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Subject:problem in sending mail
Summary:Mailer Error : Language string failed to load: from_failed
Date:2006-08-08 12:46:56

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VmanAsh - 2006-08-08 12:46:56
Hi All,

Iam using php with apache on Red Hat Linux 9. Iam using PHPMailer class for sending mails. But when Iam trying to send mail using Phpmailer class Iam ending up with the following error:

warning: Mailer Error : Language string failed to load:

I have checked the language files are in the proper path. Can you please help me out in sending the mails using phpmailer.

(I have checked the same class on windows, it is working fine in the windows. it is able to send mails to the specified address.)

Thanks in Advance,