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Bug for phpBB2 v2.0.19

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Subject:Bug for phpBB2 v2.0.19
Summary:Does not add group information properly.
Author:Tony Fugere
Date:2006-03-25 20:33:50
Update:2006-03-31 15:00:11

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Tony Fugere - 2006-03-25 20:33:50
Change the code in function register to the reflect this:

$sql = "INSERT INTO " . USER_GROUP_TABLE . " (user_id, group_id, user_pending) VALUES ('".$id."', '".$id."', 0)";
$sql = "INSERT INTO " . GROUPS_TABLE . " (group_id, group_type, group_description, group_moderator, group_single_user) VALUES ('".$id."', 1, 'Personal User', 0, 1)";

This will insert the Users' group information properly such that deleting users from the Admin Control Panel will not fail.

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Piotr Malinski - 2006-03-31 15:00:11 - In reply to message 1 from Tony Fugere
fixed :)