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Subject:DCOP class newbie
Summary:error message; don't know how to use it...
Author:Daniel Bauer
Date:2006-07-11 11:24:10

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Picture of Daniel Bauer Daniel Bauer - 2006-07-11 11:24:10
Hello all,

While trying to understand how the DCOP class works I wanted to go step-by-step "thru the class". I started with the following scriptlet:

$dcop = new dcop;

This produces the following error message:

Warning: in_array() []:
Wrong datatype for second argument
in /srv/www/htdocs/entwicklung/mailtest/dcop.class.php
on line 156

What did I do wrong here?

My aim is to write a php script that puts some e-mails in the out-box of kmail. In a bash script I can do it as follows:

dcopref=`dcop kmail KMailIface openComposer "" "" "" "subject" "bodytext" 1`
dcop "$dcopref" send 2

Can you help me how I can send this to DCOP from php using this class?
I just dont get it...

I'd very much appreciate your help!

kind regards