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Support for /aclk link referer

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Subject:Support for /aclk link referer
Summary:Needint help with "/aclk" link referer
Author:Fernando Landeros
Date:2012-11-28 19:46:54

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Fernando Landeros - 2012-11-28 19:46:54
Hi, i'm using ur script to get the search keywords, but trying to get it from traffic from payed links, there is no result. Watching the url i can see that the keywords are at the end of the url.


Can u help me with that? Grettings from México, awesome scrtip!

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Eric Sizemore - 2017-08-21 16:18:07 - In reply to message 1 from Fernando Landeros
I know this is about 5 years too late. However, this should now work in the latest version of the class.