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How does Gammu Class Win32 Work ?

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Subject:How does Gammu Class Win32 Work ?
Author:Christophe Bilé
Date:2006-11-14 20:51:41
Update:2006-11-21 09:42:43

  1. How does Gammu Class Win32 Work ?   Reply   Report abuse  
Christophe Bilé - 2006-11-14 20:51:41
Hi Mr,

i know you seems to be busy. But we will appreciate if you show for the newbies like me how this classes works.
I've installed gammu Win32 binaries (name directory "GAMMU" in the root of the C:)
I've also installed Apache2, PHP5, Mysql 5, PHPmyadmin

Do i put the PHP files in my web directory ? or on other location ?
You say that we must put the gammurc in the same directory than the PHP files ...but where ?

In my web directory, when i call the php pages, nothing happen...

Some of the persons who need this classes are not the great developper.
Please give us a minimum "HOW TO".


Christophe Bilé

  2. Re: How does Gammu Class Win32 Work ?   Reply   Report abuse  
adi candra - 2006-11-21 09:42:43 - In reply to message 1 from Christophe Bilé
I think the source coem as is. There will be no support for it.
I have the same problem with you .
I have follow the instruction but nothing happened. Always shown a blank page.