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Subject:No Captcha Image
Summary:Unable to get test sample to work
Date:2006-05-31 18:10:57
Update:2008-05-14 09:08:34

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Josh - 2006-05-31 18:10:57
From the United Sstates, Running the file on XP home version.

Uploaded all files to my server from the download. Created an initialization file called 'captcha.php'. In it, replaced font with Arial.ttf.

Captcha Image does not load on page (the alt text shows).

All uploaded files are on the root of my host server. Used 'testCaptcha.php' included with the download for testing but changed the address path in the code so it points to 'captcha.php'. No other changes

The class file uploaded with the rest.

Can you help?

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Rod Riggenbach - 2007-04-26 16:30:03 - In reply to message 1 from Josh
I just had the same problem with the Captcha image not displaying. Did you ever get a solution?

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ovide - 2007-12-14 06:02:27 - In reply to message 2 from Rod Riggenbach
I can tell you what the problem could be.. The class uses a built in php function which requires two libraries which may or may not be compiled into php. imagettftext -> This function requires both the GD library and the FreeType library.

I am guessing FreeType is the problem..

I rewrote the portion of the code using the generic imagestring function and it works fine. I am still playing with the code but if you want it let me know.

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Koda Delaforet - 2008-05-14 09:08:35 - In reply to message 3 from ovide
Hi I have the same problem, where can I find the FreeType library and who can I install it ?

Thanks for your responses !!