Pictod help please

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Subject:Pictod help please
Summary:I'm doing something wrong with this script not working.
Date:2006-08-04 22:02:05

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Picture of jen100 jen100 - 2006-08-04 22:02:05
Hello, I have tried pictods installation and need a bit of help.

I created two directories....pictod and cache. I set permissions to "write by all"...0002 on the cache directory.

I unloaded all the scripts into the pictod directory. I indicated file with images in it within the show_image.php file like this....

'default' => array('http://www.website.com/pictod/image_dir1'),
'a1' => array('./images3'),

But the image does not appear. What am I doing wrong? I have a feeling it is something I am doing wrong in the above "show_image.php file.

Please let me know and thank you very, very much. This script could help me with what I need. Brianna Please email me at riannamay@aol.com


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