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Rendering of overlappeing geometries

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Subject:Rendering of overlappeing geometries
Summary:I find that the engine cannot render certain geometries
Author:David Pedersen
Date:2012-09-22 11:13:54

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David Pedersen - 2012-09-22 11:13:54
Dear László Zsidi

First of all, thanks for a well structured 3D rendering engine. The last few days I have been playing around with your code, to explore the possibilities for using it to render 3D files for an open source 3D file sharing platform that I've started working on.

The idea is to promote creativity and build up a community around the rapidly growing home-3Dprinter crowd.

I have taken your engine and tried to render a slightly different kind of 3D geometry. A geometry that could resemble some kind of 3D part that one would want to print. As for now it's just a triangle with a hole in it, to keep the file somewhat simple.

The 3D file can be found here: ...

Now when I render the file I get something that looks slightly off: ... ...

I have tried to figure out where your engine needs fixing in order to render the file correctly but I have hit a brick wall. The last few hours I have spend time merely trying to figure out what all your variables does. For now It's resulted in the list, appended in the bottom of this email.

Can you point me in the right direction to where I need to rewrite your engine in order to get it rendering correctly?

All the best!

var $rgbR; //Background R color
var $rgbG; //Background G color
var $rgbB; //Background B color
var $_000;
var $_001; //Rendered image width
var $_002; //Rendered image height
var $_003; //Image center, height
var $_004; //Image center, width
var $_005; //Initial rotation, X
var $_006; //Initial rotation, Y
var $_007; //Rotation factor (degrees per render)
var $_008;
var $_009; //Vertice count
var $_010; //Face count
var $_011; //
var $_012 = Array(); //Face RGB color
var $_013 = Array();
var $_014 = Array();
var $_015 = Array(); // XYZ coordinate face array
var $_016 = Array(); // XYZ coordinate vertice array
var $_017 = Array();