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LGPL restrictions when converting

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Subject:LGPL restrictions when converting
Summary:What are the LGPL restrictions when converting to JS
Date:2011-02-26 14:34:30


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McDuck - 2011-02-26 14:34:30
Dear Kjell-Inge Gustafsson,

I'm very pleased by this class. Currently using it to export data from a database to .ics-files.

Further on.. I want receive .ics-files on a JS client app to view the data in a calendar view. I cant find a (good) ics parser on Google, so I was thinking to convert this php-class to a js prototype-"class".

If I would convert it calss, what are the restrictions in the LGPL license distributed to it? (like publishing, distributing, private or commercial use, etc)

Thnx in advance,