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This PHP class is very useful

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Subject:This PHP class is very useful
Summary:I have implemented the class to create a Hijri calendar widget
Author:Sabil Rasyid
Date:2013-05-07 06:31:58

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Picture of Sabil Rasyid Sabil Rasyid - 2013-05-07 06:31:58
Firstly, thanks to Mr Aziz al-Oraij for creating this usefull PHP class to be used to convert Gregorian calendar system to Hijri or vice versa.
A couple of years ago, I integrated it to create an image of simple calendar widget to be inserted to my (localhost) website.
And recently, I've managed to host it on a free webhosting, so that I can provide it to be inserted as a plain image for my widget. As we know, doesn't allow us to embed any elements for the widget but flash animation. I have tried to insert a flash-based Hijri calendar into text widget but it didn't work at all.

So, if you want to get it, please take a look at

And since I use a free hosting, maybe it will no longer accessible for a few moments later, so if anyone would like to help to host it on a paid hosting, we would be grateful to him.