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Subject:logs index
Summary:wrong range for logs index
Date:2009-01-07 10:28:35

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LudoO0d0a - 2009-01-07 10:28:35

Great job for this class.

There is a bug in logs retrieving :

You get n+1 log to obtain the next begin tag to successfully parse all items but when you get all items (until last), you can't get last+1 item.

Also failed using end = -1 (wrong range is getting back);

So algortihm is wrong, and here is my fix :

Remove n+1 operation:
and associated condition
&& $tmp1++ > 0

just add this after parsing loop
if ( count($tmp) > 0) {
$logs[] = $tmp;

Ps : getDirectoryFiles failed using googlecode...