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Authorisation problem

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Subject:Authorisation problem
Summary:Class keeps returning ErrNo 3 - autherisation required
Author:Mathieu Maes
Date:2009-02-05 19:02:14
Update:2009-02-05 21:12:10

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Mathieu Maes - 2009-02-05 19:02:14
I've been trying to get this class to work on a Subversion server that requires authorization. I've already added the SASL class (http client requires it), but tough luck. This is my code:


The given information is definately correct, but the http client returns following error:
authentication error: the requested credential user is not defined

The SVN client itself returns error 3.

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,

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Mathieu Maes - 2009-02-05 21:12:10 - In reply to message 1 from Mathieu Maes
I've already found the problem. The SVN class doesn't pass the username and password to the HTTP client class. I altered the setAuth function :

function setAuth($user,$pass) {
$this->user = $user;
$this->pass = $pass;
$this->_http->user = $user;
$this->_http->password = $pass;

That did the trick ...