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Summary:could not launch example-new-cert.php
Author:Vesselin Stoykov
Date:2008-04-16 08:08:31

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Vesselin Stoykov - 2008-04-16 08:08:31
This package is a fine professional job. Congratulations to the author.

Initially, I tried example-usage.php and it works cool.
However, the second example-new-cert.php produces an output:

Warning: openssl_csr_sign() [function.openssl-csr-sign]: cannot get CSR from parameter 1 in D:\prosoft\Crypt_OpenSSL\OpenSSL.php on line 433
Catchable fatal error: Object of class PEAR_Error could not be converted to string in D:\prosoft\Crypt_OpenSSL\OpenSSL.php on line 333

This happens on a WAMP5 server with php5.2.5, php_OpenSSL selected, PEAR support installed.
What might be the reason?