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Class:Little PHP Proxy
Description:Show remote pages as if they from the current site

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a little out of date but it works fine.
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2017-08-26 07:53 0
code is deprecated now
Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated
2016-08-03 03:05 0
Youre a bloody genius! Many, many thanks!!!
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2013-09-25 11:18 0
didn't work for me typos in code (samlpe.
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2010-06-09 13:28 0
misspelled links make it unusable out of the box.
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2010-01-02 06:34 0
Very interesting utility.
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2008-10-06 03:48 3
Very nice idea, this might prove very useful for privacy conc...
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2008-07-14 15:53 2