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Class might not be up to date.

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Subject:Class might not be up to date.
Summary:Some fields aren't included in the request.
Author:Jurjen Terpstra
Date:2012-01-11 13:22:21

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Jurjen Terpstra - 2012-01-11 13:22:21
Hi Kunjesh Janakkumar Sukhadia,

It seems to me that this Class isn't up to date.
The current version of the Alexa Web Information Service API (requests standard) requires the fields SignatureMethod and SignatureVersion.

When I run the test-alexa-api.php I get the following error message.

InvalidParameterValueValue (0) for parameter SignatureVersion is invalid. Valid Signature version is 2.7fe205f9-9e03-cbbe-331a-094dc67b9563

Am I correct when saying this Class isn't build to work with theses fields, or am I looking in the right place.

And if I'm correct, have you been working on an updated Class that you could share with us?

Kind regards,