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Subject:My idea with this
Summary:Invitation: help develop a PHP/Ajax-only social poker site
Author:Martijn Loots
Date:2008-10-24 19:26:00
Update:2011-06-27 14:14:36

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Picture of Martijn Loots Martijn Loots - 2008-10-24 19:26:00

This class started as a means to create a new concept: a social poker website. I named this concept COPE (tm), the Cling-On-Poker-Experience.

It starts with a single user who invites friends to play poker with.

Only friends can create a table and start a game.

Chips used during the games are a sort of play money; it's up to the group surrounding a table to assign a value to the chips, if any. The group has to find there own way to distribute their winnings/losses; COPE itself may not have anything to do with money, so that it can be put on any webserver.

Any individual can see friends-of-friends and ask then to become direct friends, so that they too can start a game.

Any misbehaviour must have a formal treatment so that abusers to the site, the games or in fact a single user can be moved of the site for a cool down period or even permanent.

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Picture of martynas martynas - 2011-06-27 14:14:37 - In reply to message 1 from Martijn Loots
Hey Martijn,
Martin is writing ;) To be honest, its Martynas in Lithuania. Thats where Im from. Was searching stuff about poker hand evaluations coz I wanted to create some php mobile site for poker playing, but failed, until I remembered that phpclasses is a nice place to find very usefull php stuff... And here I am, testing your texas holdem card dealer and evaluater.
After ~10 tries, I found out a bug, that is a bit project-biting:
tried the game for 9 players, 4 of them got 1 card of hearts,
the table cards were 4 cards of hearts, one of them - Ace of hearts.
And all 4 players were same evaluated - Winners ;)
like you understand, thats not true, one of them must be the winner, if its not straight flush, or royal flush, the highest cards are checked.
I would really like to understand your code so will try to do that, if you know the easy fix, just fix the code ;]
great great job!!!