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flv2mp3 problem

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Subject:flv2mp3 problem
Summary:Class returns input .flv file without changes.
Date:2009-05-03 18:03:53
Update:2009-05-10 19:10:27

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Picture of Romanos Romanos - 2009-05-03 18:03:53
Hi Marko!
I installed flv2mp3 class, installed mplayer (Centos Red Hat Linux), trying to use exsample.php with sample .flv file, but it returns the same .flv file without errors. Do you know, what's wrong?

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Picture of Marko Schulz Marko Schulz - 2009-05-10 19:10:27 - In reply to message 1 from Romanos
Sorry, I was in the hollyday ;)

Ups, there was an error in my example file. This example stream the original file $file, not the converted file $mp3->getOutfile( $file ).

$mp3->stream( $file );

$mp3->stream( $mp3->getOutfile( $file ) );

I have update my example.php.

Thanks for the tipp of the buggy example file!