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thanks! youre a lifesaver (and a question)

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Subject:thanks! youre a lifesaver (and a...
Summary:Warning: unlink(C:\PHP5\temp_environment\ZipFCA.tmp) [function.
Date:2011-10-11 17:36:56
Update:2011-10-11 18:01:14

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hp - 2011-10-11 17:36:57
H, when I use your great class, it says:

Warning: unlink(C:\PHP5\temp_environment\ZipFCA.tmp) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in C:\domains\\wwwroot\backup\Zip.php on line 330

I just turned of errors and now it seems to work ok. But do you have an idea about what might cause this warning?

Thanks, Hans

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Asbjorn Grandt - 2011-10-11 18:01:14 - In reply to message 1 from hp
It looks like the application are not allowed to delete the tempfile it generates during the Zip file build.
I would not worry unduly as PHP itself is supposed to delete it once the script completes.
I'll still have to look into it to kill the error message.

Thanks for the praise, and the heads up on the potential problem :)