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hilbert drawing

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Subject:hilbert drawing
Date:2013-12-15 20:56:51
Update:2014-01-08 20:04:10

  1. hilbert drawing   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of mryam mryam - 2013-12-15 20:56:51
do you can help me for drawing hilbert curve with your classes and using array in output
I'm waiting for reply
thanks alot
yours faithfully

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Picture of Chi Hoang Chi Hoang - 2014-01-08 20:04:10 - In reply to message 1 from mryam
Hi, the class only returns the co-ordinates it doesn't help. You can use any scatter plot, for example from gnu-plot and Excel. There is many example files. For example you need php install as cli. This class has nothing to do with browser.