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Few minor fixes required

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Subject:Few minor fixes required
Summary:minor fixes are required in Imap class
Date:2012-10-11 11:01:21

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Picture of Krishna Krishna - 2012-10-11 11:01:21
Imap class is fine and functioning fine when correct port and tsl details given.

It has few minor issues and two of them are already reported.

1) $mailbox should be replaced with $folder in constructor

2) function 'returnImapHeadersArr' should be public function

3) Attachment is not working because of case sensitive check in function 'returnEmailMessageArr'. It should be replaced in function (various lines)

strtoupper($k->disposition) == 'ATTACHMENT'
strtoupper($i->disposition) == 'ATTACHMENT'

4) I am not clear that why part is set with "2".

Can you update class file so it will help other new users and they do not have to do above changes?