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Summary:Assigning data rows to an array variable
Author:Marco Muciņo
Date:2011-09-02 03:28:44

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Picture of Marco Muciņo Marco Muciņo - 2011-09-02 03:28:44
list($num_cols, $num_rows) = $xlsx->dimension();
$dataRows = $xlsx->rows(); //<-- Why this is not working?

echo "Number of rows: $num_rows<br />";
echo "Number of rows: " . count($xlsx->rows()) . '<br />';
echo "Number of rows: " . count($dataRows) . '<br />';

This program outputs the next:
Number of rows: 32796
Number of rows: 30708
Number of rows: 44051

The first number is the real number of rows of my worksheet. OK.
The second number is the real number of non empty rows of my worksheet. OK.
The third number... why is repeating some data rows?

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