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Fatal Error Class 'SiteSearch' not found

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Subject:Fatal Error Class 'SiteSearch' not found
Summary:Google Site Search error
Author:Ti Ju
Date:2012-02-08 11:00:30

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Ti Ju - 2012-02-08 11:00:30
Hi there,

I get a the above message for examples.php or when i try to create a new SiteSearch object in my project.
Tried the following setup:
1. Have SiteSearch.php and SiteSearchException.php in the same folder as my project files.
2. include SiteSearch.php and SiteSearchException.php in my project file as follows:


use Search\Google,

require_once 'SiteSearchException.php';
require_once 'SiteSearch.php';

$search = new SiteSearch('CSE Key Here', 'utf-8', GoogleCustomSearch::HTML);

Am I missing something?
Thank you for the help.