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Subject:Nice interesting class
Summary:Found two problems with passGen::mkPassword()
Date:2010-08-21 14:22:03
Update:2010-08-27 13:39:28

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Picture of Orlando Orlando - 2010-08-21 14:22:04
Hi, I'm from Argentina too but I'm posting this in english so everyone can read it.

First of all it's a very nice, simple and tidy class, but you have an undefined variable $repit (should be $repitLetters) on line 32.

The second bug is on line 40 (the error is thrown on lines 61, 64 and 67 actually) in the FOR sentence should be $x <= 5, because you are using index 5 (ie. $const[5])

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Picture of Ricardo Ricardo - 2010-08-27 13:39:29 - In reply to message 1 from Orlando
Thank you. I'll fix the errors you find.

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