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the search isn't precise

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Subject:the search isn't precise
Summary:precision with the key search
Author:Marco Rossi
Date:2012-09-27 17:09:31

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Marco Rossi - 2012-09-27 17:09:31
Hi! if i make a search in a string that contain the work given in input, but isn't just the key it don't find nothing!


"ho mangiato una mela"
print_r( $s->doSearch('mangiato',$query, 'nome',5,1,true) );

it don't find nothing!

if i have:

print_r( $s->doSearch('mangiato',$query, 'nome',5,1,true) );

it's ok, the result is right.....

How can i pass this problem?

Thank you very much!